Cheating on My Ex
Hace 10 días
A Message To Gabrielle Moses
I’m Sorry
Hace 15 días
Gabrielle Got Sick...
this went too far..
Hace 5 meses
Hace 7 meses
When Will I Propose?
James Charles Casting Call
A Message for James Charles
it attacked her...
Hace 8 meses
Presleigh Henneke
Presleigh Henneke Hace 12 horas
Who else is watching this after they broke up?😢
CeLly Hace 12 horas
Ill be unsubscribing thanks... Hope people will see this... I thought better of u.... After Gabs video and her friend.... No im sorry.... Go and watch this guys..... Btw.. Didn't even bother watching 2min of ur video... Ur a manipulating person jack... Even with ur clickbait.. Wel im done Gab deserves better
Huckella21 Hace 12 horas
Who's here after Syds video?😂🙋🏻‍♀️
cocopuffs 81
cocopuffs 81 Hace 12 horas
Why don’t u call the phone number to find out who it is and who set u up
Ellie Greenslade
Ellie Greenslade Hace 13 horas
Hey jack can U send me your book please I’ve sent my email?
We Got No Jams
We Got No Jams Hace 13 horas
Has anyone else watched Sydney’s vid, I just unsubbed
_graceanneb Hace 13 horas
lol I left the video for 30 seconds to get a snack and came back... 100 more thumbs down. whoops 😅
The Shield
The Shield Hace 13 horas
The cereal is actually disgusting
Diane Stefanik
Diane Stefanik Hace 13 horas
I’m still confused why you broke up 🙁 please tell us if you didn’t already
c3po Hace 11 horas
watch sydney forsyth's video
Imaan Jaffri
Imaan Jaffri Hace 13 horas
Apparently he emotionally abused Gabrielle
Cahaya Utami
Cahaya Utami Hace 13 horas
Maybe It Was Me - Sody
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Hace 13 horas
Damn jack is just sexualizing her
maff alejos
maff alejos Hace 13 horas
See Sydney Forsyth for more depth! I’m nos doubting on who to believe... :(
Anny Apple
Anny Apple Hace 13 horas
Hey I put my email to get the book, but still didn’t get it yet. Can someone help
Jasmine Watson
Jasmine Watson Hace 13 horas
& you didn’t even buy it for her.. lmao wow
Jasmine Watson
Jasmine Watson Hace 13 horas
You were mean this entire video to her... damn. Looking back now after the break up I see.
Dan Golden
Dan Golden Hace 13 horas
After finding out the car video was faked, is anybody else wondering how many of these other pranks were faked as well? I mean what are the odds that he just sat right in front of the camera to read the note AND call his friend. Damn.
Amanda B
Amanda B Hace 13 horas
y’all saying watch the girl sydney or whatever the hell her name is video saying all the things about jack, until Gabrielle goes out and confirms it in her own video we shouldn’t automatically attack someone
Ellen Button
Ellen Button Hace 14 horas
Why’s the video called Ex, Ex gf like has their been another one since gab just abit confused? 😐
Morgen Lindstrom
Morgen Lindstrom Hace 14 horas
when will your book come out???
vera nuijten
vera nuijten Hace 14 horas
because off this i was thinking about loosing my everything and started crying. its fucking hard but with time and love it will get better hold on
Georgia Panagopoulou
Georgia Panagopoulou Hace 14 horas
I personally suspect gab's friend Sydney for the fake messages
Darth Leader
Darth Leader Hace 14 horas
Does “ex, ex girlfriend” mean y’all are back together?
honey lavender
honey lavender Hace 14 horas
I want to ask on question do you guys have a chance getting back together
Naii Fxx
Naii Fxx Hace 14 horas
Are we gonna ignore how they spelled bikinis and bakinis
Ester Pricilla
Ester Pricilla Hace 14 horas
Im from indonesia, bali, badung, buduk
Imogen Hace 14 horas
can u react to Sydney Forsyths video? It's made me see you in a new light but it didn't seem correct and I wanted to know what u have to say
Charleen MJ
Charleen MJ Hace 14 horas
This is a joke to you isnt it?god your fake and so i genuine. Daang.
Didi Tumsci
Didi Tumsci Hace 14 horas
So why did you break up or take a break...........
Charleen MJ
Charleen MJ Hace 14 horas
Dirty. Youve always beeb strange i figured.
Olivia Bookland
Olivia Bookland Hace 14 horas
Why would you do that to gab she was a sweet caring nice person and you threw her to the curb like nothing
Tiff Sheen
Tiff Sheen Hace 14 horas
Go watch Sydney forsyth’s video, a friend of gabs for everything about their breakup! Just unsubscribed from this channel after watching it. Jack doesn’t deserve to have this platform.
id vs
id vs Hace 14 horas
Lol now watching this and knowing she bought the car herself i'm 😂 ridiculous
Tiff Sheen
Tiff Sheen Hace 14 horas
Go watch Sydney forsyth’s video, a friend of gabs for everything about their breakup! Just unsubscribed from this channel after watching it. Jack doesn’t deserve to have this platform.
Bethany King
Bethany King Hace 14 horas
Everyone is saying Jack is being so respectful but he is posting so many click bait videos to get more views etc, and capitalising from this by writing a book. It is so insensitive, especially after what he's done to Gabrielle (see Syd's video). I don't want to hate on Jack, but I saw their true relationship for a while now. Its just him constantly sexualising her, talking about himself, and being a bit rude to her in videos. I don't want to hate on him but hope he has the balls to accept he was not a good boyfriend and apologises.
Kian Sutton
Kian Sutton Hace 14 horas
Everyone go look at Sydney forsyth on yt to see what (jack) really did he is not who he is on youtube gab is victim here
Philip Jean Malherbe
Philip Jean Malherbe Hace 13 horas
Will Scarlett
Will Scarlett Hace 14 horas
I really think that Jack didn’t want a breakup
c3po Hace 11 horas
watch sydney forsyth's video
SimplySigh Hace 14 horas
The people you see on ESshow videos are very different to how they are in real life behind the scenes. That's been proven countless times by an array of youtubers. You don't know if he has cheated or not, but it is a possibility.
Will Scarlett
Will Scarlett Hace 14 horas
6:20 lol
Lillie-ann Pearce
Lillie-ann Pearce Hace 15 horas
I'm not sure if you still read all the comments but I just want to tell you that you can take all the time you need. We don't need to know everything. Share what you're comftable with. X
Jartez Brown
Jartez Brown Hace 15 horas
It's going to be okay pal, it's going to be just fine🤧😭
Chris McDowell
Chris McDowell Hace 15 horas
It is very disheartening to watch these two, who we once cherished, disintegrate in front of us. It is bad enough watching our country, the world, disintegrating, now we have to face these two’s grievances, brought to the public forums. It is becoming difficult to watch their new videos, even the old videos, with much enjoyment. Who ever is giving these two, so called advice, should be ashamed of themselves. Now finding out the sad news of actress Naya Rivera, puts this all in perspective. Life can be so very short, for all of this.
Fernandes Valon
Fernandes Valon Hace 15 horas
dude pls can u just come out clean i can not take the drama n i love yall both n i just wanna know who is wrong
galaxy guy
galaxy guy Hace 15 horas
I destroye dragons mate
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Hace 15 horas
Why did he bring up not having an Android? It doesn’t matter what phone he has. He texted someone and they received it on their phone. Whether it’s an Android and iPhone.
Harold hi
Harold hi Hace 15 horas
BryanX21-_- Hace 15 horas
why’d you change the video title jack?
Nikita Welgens
Nikita Welgens Hace 15 horas
Everyone in the comments: "Is anyone else here after the breakup??"
Jonathan Villa
Jonathan Villa Hace 15 horas
Am I the only one here after watching Sydney’s video and waiting for the comeback?
Shauna Dk
Shauna Dk Hace 15 horas
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister Hace 15 horas
I was following their channel about a year ago and stopped,and now i came back to this and read comments about their breakup.Can someone please explain me everything from the beginning.
Sybren Dijkstra
Sybren Dijkstra Hace 15 horas
Anyone else just getting all their olds drama breakup videos in their recommended?
DELTA GAMES Hace 15 horas
Stop lying and being fake Allie Gipson has a nasty tiktok about you
Bada Boom
Bada Boom Hace 15 horas
Maybe she’s lying and being fake? Gabrielle too, ever think of that?
Chiara Nicora
Chiara Nicora Hace 15 horas
I know it hurts so bad rn, it took me 9 months to finally be able to laugh and feel myself again 💗 Still confused about what actually happened, but i know it's private between you guys, don't ever feel like you have to tell us everything!
G1zzG4zz Hace 15 horas
What if this is just a Giant Prank
G1zzG4zz Hace 15 horas
9:17 Probably Sydney Forsyth
Shauna Dk
Shauna Dk Hace 15 horas
Shauna Dk
Shauna Dk Hace 15 horas
G1zzG4zz Hace 15 horas This girl made a video on you
Shauna Dk
Shauna Dk Hace 16 horas
Shauna Dk
Shauna Dk Hace 16 horas
Emily atkins
Emily atkins Hace 16 horas
*tries to make the thumbnail as dramatic as possible*
Emily atkins
Emily atkins Hace 16 horas
when really she payed for it
angel Byles
angel Byles Hace 16 horas
We’re gab?
Justin Esterhuizen
Justin Esterhuizen Hace 16 horas
He did not cheat
Lakshana Krishnan
Lakshana Krishnan Hace 16 horas
its probably sydney. not saying it was but that girl was pissed and clearly has something against jack
MR secondary acc
MR secondary acc Hace 16 horas
If you all wanna know the truth about their break up go to this channel @sydney forsyth and when I Knew the truth I was in shock I didn't want to believe but I did , who else thinks that he should explain all those things Sydney forsyth said and react to her video 👇 👇 👇 👇
Olivia Lyons
Olivia Lyons Hace 16 horas
Jack you should not have this channel as Jack and Gab, Gab isn't coming back if you want to see her go to her channel Gabriel Moses. Stop giving your viewers false hope, you are no longer together and she is no longer involved in this channel, you owe it to her to change it back to Jack. Jack stop using this for clickbait there have been 5 videos with such clickbait titles, if you were really sorry to gabrielle then you should have told her directly and not broadcasted it to 2 million subscribers for damage controll.
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith Hace 16 horas
He was ready for this video 😂😂
crackhead hour !!
crackhead hour !! Hace 16 horas
wait wouldn't ex, ex gf mean she's his gf
Papakia stn sira
Papakia stn sira Hace 16 horas
No one will comment the clickbait????!?!?!!!!! AGAIN!?
Dani Gannon
Dani Gannon Hace 16 horas
If any of you want some information on what happened to Jack and Gab, check out Sydney Forsyth’s channel. It really shows who Jack is, it is 100% believable. Jack is now using their couple channel with 2 million subscribers to try and earn money off of them, making these videos for everyone to feel sorry for him and try to make himself not look like the bad guy. Jack is the only reason that the two of them have gone through what they’ve gone through. I hope y’all truly see and understand that Jack does not deserve our subscription, we all need to give Gabrielle the love that Jack has been lacking to give her the last 5 years.
Michael Bel.
Michael Bel. Hace 16 horas
I think you would look better with smaller and more rounded glasses
Emily F
Emily F Hace 16 horas
sydney forsyth fr said exposing... I think yes.
Clarita Marroquin
Clarita Marroquin Hace 16 horas
Can someone in this chat explain everything thing to me because I am CONFUSE ASF!🤔🤨
Georgina Maltese
Georgina Maltese Hace 16 horas
This video looks really different rewatching it after they have broken up. No idea what happened in their relationship obviously but I imagine he regrets not taking things a bit more seriously.
Maddie Fleming
Maddie Fleming Hace 16 horas
Idk if it's just me but it seems like since the break up I haven't seen him laugh or make a joke since it's just not the same😭
Berfin Özer
Berfin Özer Hace 16 horas
Gabrielle must have brought her ass next to you so that you can have a better explanation.
Olga Kasperkiewicz
Olga Kasperkiewicz Hace 17 horas
Jack:hits a lamma from fortnite with a base ball bat Me:hhahahhahahhaha * me cracking up for no reason * 😂 😂 😂
Bethan Harding
Bethan Harding Hace 17 horas
Why are people liking this video?????
Bethan Harding
Bethan Harding Hace 17 horas
It’s not a mystery, don’t joke about it, Gab Is having a breakdown while you’re joking in the video about pitchforks and sh*t.
Bada Boom
Bada Boom Hace 15 horas
Lol a breakdown? That girl is more concerned with posting sponsor videos everyday and making money. Thats why BOTH of them do ESshow.
Bethan Harding
Bethan Harding Hace 17 horas
It doesn’t seem like he cares about how Gab is right now, she’s f*cking crying in videos and having a mental breakdown, not knowing who she is and constantly being upset, I’ve unsubscribed And I’m not sorry 😐🤷🏻‍♀️
Rachelle Harford
Rachelle Harford Hace 17 horas
i hate how Gabrielle is still posting on her Instagram and acting like nothing ever happened mean while you are upset about it all and still keeping us fans informed on how your going you seem very stressed about all of this which is understandable im a true fan i always thought id stick with both of you but nah man im sticking with you as you seem more loyal about the relationship you two had i do really hope you carry on with youtube and all because i love you so so much also i really hope when you have slowely moved on from this you will still say "rubby ducky rubby ducky averbravo" this makes my day when you say awesome entros xx
• udontknowme •
• udontknowme • Hace 17 horas
Yo jack if u really wanna find out who dat could possibly have done, than check sydney forsyths new video , frfrr maybe u should take an eye on her sus video . Only saying 💞✌️
Bethan Harding
Bethan Harding Hace 17 horas
Why are people liking this video? 🤯
Bethan Harding
Bethan Harding Hace 17 horas
Why are people liking this video? 🤯
Bethan Harding
Bethan Harding Hace 17 horas
Why are people liking this video? 🤯
мертвая тишина
мертвая тишина Hace 16 horas
Carol Weatherup
Carol Weatherup Hace 17 horas
Its probably sydney forsyth
Aaryan Singh
Aaryan Singh Hace 17 horas
Ok now i really feel sad but the idea and i also know the person who did it but i am ashamed to say that the reason for their breakup was me YES ME
Aaryan Singh
Aaryan Singh Hace 17 horas
becca muir
becca muir Hace 17 horas
anyone here from sydneys video??
Poop Pad
Poop Pad Hace 17 horas
🄶🄾🅂🄷 🄻🄸🄺🄴 w̸t̸f̸【h】【e】【r】【e】
kirsty lagden
kirsty lagden Hace 17 horas
Jack never cares when gab is hurt never
Aaliyah Henderson
Aaliyah Henderson Hace 17 horas
Stop making yourself seem like such a caring and genuine person making these books free but having tons of ads on these MULTIPLE VIDOES YOURE JUST MILKING MONEY WITH FAKE TITLES. Seriously be a goddamn man and own up you were a shitty, controlling, bully, toxic boyfriend. I’m sure there’s misunderstandings and stuff, but wow jack...... you’re clearly in this for the attention and money at this point..... it seemed very toxic behind closed doors so it’s best it ended. And everyone should stop being so involved and trying to say things like for them to get back together. Clearly there was lost of pain on Gabs side. This girl is seriously traumatized and she NEEDS to be away from you. You posting on this channel so much is just disgusting. Handle this maturely.
Ggg Trff
Ggg Trff Hace 17 horas
Anyone can fake it. That’s why all her friends exposed jack. He abused her and mistreated her. Basically forced her to be into this relationship. Constantly yelling at her in front of people. He’s a narcissist. He’s crazy and has problems. There’s a complete different side to him. He’s definitely lying because why would all her friends support syds video. Even her twin said go watch it😢 it all makes sense now and we have to support gab. Everyone go support her and forget jack. They said he was lying about these videos and he truly is. He’s a liar
Bada Boom
Bada Boom Hace 15 horas
Oh idk maybe because they’re her friends and her family, so of course they’re on her side? 🙄🙄🙄
Ggg Trff
Ggg Trff Hace 16 horas
Niamh Richards yes look at syds video gab dealt with a lot from him. He’s literally like a crazy person
Niamh Richards
Niamh Richards Hace 17 horas
You’re assuming that he is faking it
Timea Perekovic
Timea Perekovic Hace 17 horas
I acc dont know what to belive here this is a waist of time it's so stupid everybody has a different story
Amber Berendsen
Amber Berendsen Hace 17 horas
I am a Dutch girl 🇳🇱 and i dont know wat Gab is saying at 3:53 but i can only hear that the says: Ja altijd, echt waar. Whats means: yes always, really. Sorry if thistext is'nt grammaticly correct.
Omq ItsMia
Omq ItsMia Hace 17 horas
The way he was explaining the plot was hilarious
Elijah Auna
Elijah Auna Hace 17 horas
No they sound like friends gab is blaming jack
YG Sneaky
YG Sneaky Hace 17 horas
Lowkey this breakup matured jack a lot like not like not on no negative stuff but he legit is much more idk I can’t explain it his personality, his vibe is so much different
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee Hace 17 horas
Can anyone explain me why his yt name stil is Jack and Gab?? They broke up so why wouldn’t he change it....
Diamond Kitty
Diamond Kitty Hace 17 horas
Who’s here after the break up?? 🥺🥺 it’s breaks my heart cuz they were the best couple 🥺💔