TheGhost0012 Hace 2 minutos
Damn. The Suns are strong.
Pee Noise
Pee Noise Hace 4 minutos
booker king 😆😆😆
Andrew Samuels
Andrew Samuels Hace 13 minutos
Melos weight loss made him better
J.F Kennedy
J.F Kennedy Hace 13 minutos
And they say booker doesn't make phoenix better
algene romero
algene romero Hace 21 un minuto
All miami heat players are scary!
Sampleador Hace 30 minutos
Carmelo show the Rockets he still can play
Mason M
Mason M Hace 30 minutos
Thumbnail looks like nba 2k 15
林郑月娥 Hace 47 minutos
林郑月娥 Hace 50 minutos
HB is useless🏀
Nurullah BABAHAN
Nurullah BABAHAN Hace 50 minutos
Noooooooo 😢
Çağatay Ç
Çağatay Ç Hace 55 minutos
Heat is heating
林郑月娥 Hace 55 minutos
Boy Crazy
Boy Crazy Hace un hora
This guy - Gallos Coral hating Westbrook so much hahah he’s everywhere dissing Westbrook on the comment section haha
Rubén González
Rubén González Hace un hora
Paul George says that is a bad shoot.
Lance Andrei
Lance Andrei Hace un hora
Adebayo MIP!!!!
حسين عزيز باقر
حسين عزيز باقر Hace un hora
الثلاثية زلاطة 😂⁦✌️⁩
Takaedza Chirowodza
Takaedza Chirowodza Hace un hora
Nothing but net!! BOOKER
Jordan Pippen
Jordan Pippen Hace un hora
Who said Carmelo can’t play??? Rockets’ GM and Mike D’Antoni are jerks!
andres aquino
andres aquino Hace un hora
Everyone have theirs moments now is his one
Liam Kartz
Liam Kartz Hace un hora
Miami 🔥
Kit Sherwin Rombines
Kit Sherwin Rombines Hace un hora
no more reasons hahahaha
Bon mejos bulac Wonder boy TV
Bon mejos bulac Wonder boy TV Hace un hora
Wow 20 rebounds Luka magic
ocrow365 Hace un hora
Celtics vs refs, never ending saga
Just being Plasma
Just being Plasma Hace un hora
I wanna see Tsunami Papi
mattiac1984 Hace un hora
Lol where are the doooogs every1 talking about. Clippers are so overrated. Can't wait for lbj to sweep them
rob neil
rob neil Hace un hora
klucth city
Wayon Ng
Wayon Ng Hace un hora
PG and Kawhi became bad people when they chose to join LA Clippers
gallos corral
gallos corral Hace 2 horas
who was the best of the rockets?
Jayjay Okoro
Jayjay Okoro Hace 2 horas
Someone's getting paiddd this off-season. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a Bismack Biyombo flash-in-the-pan situation
dogan küçükyıldız
dogan küçükyıldız Hace 2 horas
ulan sacramento dallası herkes yeniyo bisen yenemiyosun sonra ben play off oynayacam diyorsun nasıl olacak bu iş
no murcy yt
no murcy yt Hace 2 horas
Happyy that that portland are playing well 💯💯💯
pappulive20four7 Hace 2 horas
Really so much drama all around suggesting how Houston is so amazing, beating Clippers and all... And now they lose to Portland. Weird.
C -A elpirT
C -A elpirT Hace 30 minutos
Yes, It is very weird
Macsix LBJ
Macsix LBJ Hace 2 horas
Pacers are fucking underrated
pappulive20four7 Hace 2 horas
Yeh key moment in the game was Harden missing consecutive 3 pointers right at the death. The game was theirs for the taking.
Michael Smallwood
Michael Smallwood Hace 2 horas
Let's Go Carmelo!!!!!
İbrahim kuwasi
İbrahim kuwasi Hace 2 horas
Where's kyrie and KD? ??
Eldar Hasanbegovic
Eldar Hasanbegovic Hace 2 horas
With Nurk Portland win this game
Milon Kalia
Milon Kalia Hace 3 horas
Iggy be balling
MurdeRouSs CL0WN
MurdeRouSs CL0WN Hace 3 horas
Drazen3Nets Hace 3 horas
BKN is the best team un the league. Next year the Championship!
Marcelo Motta
Marcelo Motta Hace 3 horas
20 rebounds?? wtf 😱😱😱
Fido Hace 3 horas
Giannis and middleton sat at 2nd half because they knew birdsnest will get a tattoo of allen
supreme Hace 3 horas
Funny how the west are so comfortable now without the Warriors
C -A elpirT
C -A elpirT Hace 29 minutos
Next year both conferences will have two possible titans rejoining, kyrie and kd and the warriors
renjomar baltazar
renjomar baltazar Hace 2 horas
funny how people was deceived by gaymond green that he knows how to play basketball..
Yohan Akoo
Yohan Akoo Hace 2 horas
next year going to be different tho ppl going to be shook LUL
Leumar Montaño
Leumar Montaño Hace 3 horas
mamba mentality
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Hace 3 horas
Blazers heating up and i thought they will not make the playoffs.
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Hace 3 horas
Wow if only Devin Booker was on a good team! Great shot.
Kyeno Chen
Kyeno Chen Hace 3 horas
Game is getting more easy for Luka especially for the weak teams. Rick just let me run the game.
Aboudy Hamdan
Aboudy Hamdan Hace 3 horas
Why is to warren so good all of a sudden
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru Hace 4 horas
Kawhi needs to start leading these bums.He needs to step up!
Zymon Nogaliza
Zymon Nogaliza Hace 4 horas
Foul too
Yao Song
Yao Song Hace 4 horas
I love that "Gleichberechtigung" on Maxi's jersey.
GARY ANDERSON Hace 2 minutos
cause youre a german
The Man Who Laugh
The Man Who Laugh Hace 4 horas
Jimmy Butler is a cancer player...
he realy hates houston haha
Quirzox Hace 4 horas
dame owns westbrick
gallos corral
gallos corral Hace 2 horas
who was the best of the rockets?
AdCruZ Hace 4 horas
U forgot to put refs highlights. This game was stupid. Rockets got robbed.
Kwis Bwown
Kwis Bwown Hace 3 horas
were the refs actually mad garbage? i want Rox to take it all. or the Lakers.
Michael Tiopan
Michael Tiopan Hace 3 horas
That's what people said when they lose, right?
Alicbra NBA
Alicbra NBA Hace 4 horas
Who else is happy that Russ still can make Dunks like that too?👍😂💯💯
Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas Hace 20 minutos
@Boy Crazy thats understandable bcoz he is not the star of his team now. he is the only star of OKC before and can hug the ball whenever he wants unlike in the rockets he needs to pass it on James Harden.
Boy Crazy
Boy Crazy Hace un hora
I was happy but it was one of the worst game of the season for Russ. He hasn’t had a bad game for a long long time... His 36 over 20point game streak ended...
gallos corral
gallos corral Hace un hora
who was the best of rockets
Alicbra NBA
Alicbra NBA Hace 4 horas
Russell Westbrook with this beeeeast DUNKKK!!!
gallos corral
gallos corral Hace 2 horas
who was the best of the rockets?
Harrison Wills
Harrison Wills Hace 4 horas
Goddamn he got fouled on that too
habshabsrule Hace 4 horas
Melo doing his thing!
林郑月娥 Hace 51 un minuto
habshabsrule your photo is his college❓so was JoeBiden🤓
Fausto Quinos
Fausto Quinos Hace 4 horas
If blazers reach playoffs lakers are going to have a hard series. It is not impossible that blazers eliminate them although many people think it is
George Muller
George Muller Hace 44 minutos
Have to agree with you, I think the lakers haven’t been as good as their record and position suggest