Matching a Spacewalk Record
We Persevere
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The Worm Is Back!
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NASA Science Live: On Ice
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Hace 5 horas
Still trying to pass this off as real, I see? God speed!
C. Mahadeo.
C. Mahadeo. Hace 5 horas
If you believe in nukes you should believe in space travel.
Critz Hace 5 horas
now they have to experience 2020 sadly
Fourthaeon Hace 5 horas
funny how no one thought that a single cut video of reentry would be sufficient. No were gonna sit here and tell you what happened.
C&M Flowers
C&M Flowers Hace 5 horas
Watching both of you has been an amazing and unforgettable experience. Congratulations!💐💐 I believe too much has been made about the boaters at splashdown. I wasn’t there, but it didn’t seem that they impeded the retrieval and I’m not sure that it could be any worse than the spectators at take off. A good father/son fishing weekend might soothe the stress and anxiety your families have been feeling. Good wishes and a huge thank you!
NASA and SpaceX
NASA and SpaceX Hace 5 horas
NASA Astronauts Bob behnken and Doug Hurley is awesome🇺🇸💕👑I am Very Happy Bob and Doug safely Return to planet Earth 🇺🇸💕👑
AL HAQIQUH Hace 5 horas
Watch the video on my channel - end of times
Dimple Hace 5 horas
So humble both Bob and Dough are! Real assets of Nasa
janine Hace 5 horas
Because of this pandemic, I was able to watch some videos of other astronauts and follow the journey of Bob and Doug. Launch and spacewalk was my favorite. So amazed what NASA and SpaceX did for this historic event. The way Bob and Doug talked about their experience was incredible! Looking forward for the Expedition 63 to be back on earth and other launch and landing. ❤️
yankee with no brim
yankee with no brim Hace 5 horas
I love Sarah and Dan, they are my favorite hosts (I think that is what they are called)
aurelio milaor cabal
aurelio milaor cabal Hace 5 horas
Hats off to Space X and their people, and Elon Musk for his vision of Man becoming an interplanetary species?🚀 Go Tesla, OOPPPPS , I mean Space X .😁😅LOL
Константин Федоров
Константин Федоров Hace 6 horas
Че эта за хрень???
Feel Zero Gravity
Feel Zero Gravity Hace 6 horas
Soft landing
Joshua Jasnoch
Joshua Jasnoch Hace 6 horas
2020 and nasa still using cameras that are like 240p Lol
tehflooper Hace 6 horas
Wow, this looks so real, they are not lying to us, of course not, Nasa is a trustworthy institution
priZm Hace 6 horas
Who is here after SpaceX hopped SN5 150m. Boeing is trash unfortunately.
tehflooper Hace 6 horas
One of the biggest scam of mankind history
Manolo Martinez
Manolo Martinez Hace 6 horas
They should go to the moon
Deca Dent
Deca Dent Hace 6 horas
Shame they never left !!!!!
31 12
31 12 Hace 6 horas
They are heroes
AGENA Hace 6 horas
Pfft.. That Smithsonian guy putting them on the spot for a request to give them stuff on a press conference, thats REALLY important stuff to ask.
Mindcontrol Park
Mindcontrol Park Hace 6 horas
Reveal the truth through a group that hides the truth, NASA, Illuminati, and Antarctic exploration! The Earth is domed!
Shubham Shintre
Shubham Shintre Hace 6 horas
🚩 ।। जय श्री राम ।। 🚩 500 years after Babar 🤬 destroyed it 100 years of justice pending⚖️ 27 years of hope, pain and sacrifice✨ The wait is over...⏳ 🛕 Ram Mandir is happening 🛕 Lets remember our heroes who sacrificed thier lives for this day.
Sameer Iltaf
Sameer Iltaf Hace 5 horas
😁😁😁😁Hasi ati hai.
Mindcontrol Park
Mindcontrol Park Hace 6 horas
Hedi Maatoug
Hedi Maatoug Hace 6 horas
4:51 Mohamed Abid, Tunisian pride 🇹🇳
Joel Carcamo
Joel Carcamo Hace 6 horas
Thank you for all that great job
Roy Junior
Roy Junior Hace 6 horas
What’s sad is nobody cares.
Pronto Hace 6 horas
Orville and Wilbur, Charles, Yuri, Neil and Buzz, Bob and Doug.
wisconsin trout fisherman
wisconsin trout fisherman Hace 6 horas
This should be good.
haggen zlavzka
haggen zlavzka Hace 6 horas
Y cuanto pendejo se creyo esto ?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname Hace 7 horas
Welcome home, guys! Have been following you from the start. Job well done by you and all of talented men and women around the world who make these missions possible. Congratulations to everyone!!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍👌👌👌
Ava Yu
Ava Yu Hace 7 horas
USA! USA! USA! No other country enables the best in human potential like America...
Horacio Arrua
Horacio Arrua Hace 7 horas
ok no more amenace elon
Horacio Arrua
Horacio Arrua Hace 7 horas
bien venido me gusta que elon amenace a ningun pais
Horacio Arrua
Horacio Arrua Hace 6 horas
El estúpido dijo amenazas y yo soy mal educado ...andaaaaa.
Nicole Hale
Nicole Hale Hace 7 horas
Welcome Home Bob & Doug! What an awesome adventure to witness!
Justbntz Hace 7 horas
In face book pH a company said You guys are putting name tags on Mars hopefully me too I signed my name tag I'm gonna see my name on Mars soon :D thanks nasa
A14LNC Hace 7 horas
Amazing, that is all 🚀🌍☮️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
K. Rose
K. Rose Hace 7 horas
Hero’s. Too bad there can’t b a parade for them. Great humans
2660016A Hace 7 horas
They look really tired! Hope they get adjusted back to 1g and feel better soon!
DG PLÚMON cso Hace 7 horas
Jay Maddison
Jay Maddison Hace 7 horas
Amy C
Amy C Hace 7 horas
Are they social distancing?😂
Virginia Tyree
Virginia Tyree Hace 7 horas
8 4 20 Het Amy, They probably have a social bubble & everyone was tested. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v
lego stopmotion studio
lego stopmotion studio Hace 7 horas
ImpaledBerrys Hace 7 horas
earth : i have water, food oxygen and everything you need! humans : this place boring lets go to the moon earth : am i a joke to you?
trenteth Hace 7 horas
Two absolute superstars, thanks for a great press conference, great stuff!
I love Buffets
I love Buffets Hace 7 horas
So cool!!
Eric Hace 7 horas
NASA, You are mistaken because the world is flat
Jsjshwjw Franco
Jsjshwjw Franco Hace 7 horas
Gary Tesla
Gary Tesla Hace 7 horas
Congratulations to Bob and Doug, SpaceX, Elon Musk and NASA !
Myss .A. Brown
Myss .A. Brown Hace 8 horas
Marli de Paula de Paula
Marli de Paula de Paula Hace 8 horas
Boa noite, It was actually magical , magnificent for me , for everyone . Ours is to give chills to see our US marine , how much courage my loves ..beatiful ..beatiful I´m still dreaming I loved everything , but was afraid . very afraid of US. But it´snormaly , it ´s like that, everything was like magic , the retuen was a great magic , beautiful ...beautiful... Tchau God bless to our.
MrCidVicious Hace 8 horas
Another scam to fool everyone again
Neptune Hace 8 horas
Wow. How cool. You guys are two of the few human beings who have left the earth, lived and came back. Welcome home. Most of us only see the earth and the sky in our lifetimes.
joe k
joe k Hace 8 horas
Virginia Tyree
Virginia Tyree Hace 7 horas
8 2 20 Hey joe k, Ok. I don't think they care about your zany opinion. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v
ilyes dehina
ilyes dehina Hace 8 horas
Aix McDuck
Aix McDuck Hace 8 horas
These men will be the first Jaeger pilots.
Henry Wong
Henry Wong Hace 8 horas
I think Chris the Canadian astronaut had more interesting topics to cover
Jonathan Turcios
Jonathan Turcios Hace 8 horas
I still don’t see why some of the video is not HD quality. People have drones with better video quality than this. You’re telling me they don’t have the money to invest in better cameras to capture this historic moment lol
Virginia Tyree
Virginia Tyree Hace 8 horas
8 4 20 Hello to the Teams, Wonderful interview, terrific mission, & happy news that's so needed. Thanks for the post. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v
Marli de Paula de Paula
Marli de Paula de Paula Hace 8 horas
What beautiful our US Astronauts, thanks my God by work in space ,it is incredible yuor sperience to new tecnologies, is cute , first first sperience is beautiful sempre , the best ,and the most,My God icrideble . good lucky my life .