Fred Kulolo
Fred Kulolo Hace 5 horas
LET'S DANCE !!!!!!!!
أنــس 7
أنــس 7 Hace 5 horas
Based on a true story, how?
2ktv Houligan
2ktv Houligan Hace 5 horas
This guy a living legend 🙏🏽🥇💯💯💯
Corpseplower Hace 5 horas
The guy asking if he looked like Conan looked more like Darrell Hammond impersonating Trump.
harlemw651 Hace 6 horas
Thanks Hulu!
Milk Wolf
Milk Wolf Hace 6 horas
I love the hug
smgibson52 Hace 6 horas
Jackroco Hace 6 horas
Imagine Hulu having British shows but not being available in Britain. Oh wait I don't have to imagine 😔
Kaz Hace 7 horas
Ryan Desmier
Ryan Desmier Hace 7 horas
This needs to be able to stream in the uk
DPK VIDS Hace 7 horas
Why would you make this 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Anee Hace 7 horas
Dollface s2???
Cristian Vlades
Cristian Vlades Hace 7 horas
Hulu, either you give us season 2 or we will burn the universe down
Marlon Beteta
Marlon Beteta Hace 7 horas
This is why we are all scared of Chuck E. Cheese
TOHREEBYOH Hace 8 horas
Y cuando llega esto para latinoamerica?
Rebecca Rowell
Rebecca Rowell Hace 8 horas
Ok I am So so ready for this a Show ❤️❤️
Valse Hace 8 horas
where is hulu on brazil? 🥺
Salty Nuts
Salty Nuts Hace 8 horas
they should’ve heard when he opened the curtain
ItzMaddie __bts
ItzMaddie __bts Hace 9 horas
Bruh the mom doesn't care about her son
Uthman Bendaoud
Uthman Bendaoud Hace 9 horas
Doesn’t Palm Springs come out on Hulu until July 10?
Kaiya Speier
Kaiya Speier Hace 7 horas
it is july
Bonita Applebum
Bonita Applebum Hace 9 horas
These kids broke in However they died from a building that was never sturdy. So it's not the kids fault
Ruth Hace 9 horas
Pls let there be anime
Tim Tate
Tim Tate Hace 9 horas
So excited everything looks good!
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper Hace 9 horas
This hit me so hard. I'm a 25-year old bi who still hasn't come out yet. I don't have the courage to face all the rejections that I will face especially from my family. Everyday I'm living my life trying to be as straight as possible but the truth is it's killing me inside. This actually is the 1st time I've said anything about my sexuality. You guys may not know me but atleast I was able to let it out through this. Love, J
therealmethatyoudontknow Hace 9 horas
itz_Juzt Deadx
itz_Juzt Deadx Hace 10 horas
Amina Mohamed
Amina Mohamed Hace 10 horas
So cute 💗
Anzof Hace 10 horas
Jesus Christ 😂 this gave me nightmares for days haha
Mario Odd To See
Mario Odd To See Hace 10 horas
Groundhog Day 2: This time its in Palm Springs.
Fie B
Fie B Hace 10 horas
you are aware that this is a comedic take on history, right?
Nathan Fennelly
Nathan Fennelly Hace 10 horas
It’s funny becuase not once did the reporter make an actual point
E-SARASVATI Hace 10 horas
Those curves of George sear 😍
E-SARASVATI Hace 10 horas
Why didn't he recognize benjee at start?
Engo Biengachho
Engo Biengachho Hace 10 horas
Is that how the kids in Chucky Cheese got missing
b.3ccaa Hace 11 horas
i cant really wxplain this but you can SEE Michaels accent-
Spidey The Guy
Spidey The Guy Hace 11 horas
If you turn off the volume, It looks like a horror film
fredozzz Hace 11 horas
And this kids, that´s how your mother met detective Jake Peralta
Julia F
Julia F Hace 11 horas
come on hulu stop doing this. you make great stuff but I am over here in europe and cant get it.
sincerelydhruv Hace 11 horas
The characters does not suit with the book at all, is it worth watching?
Samuel Pereira
Samuel Pereira Hace 12 horas
This is PERFECT!
Marilyn Matt
Marilyn Matt Hace 12 horas
I finally know who I am. Thankyou for making series like this🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈
CaliforniaGirl49 Hace 12 horas
He has a goofy, clumsy, charming guy awe
Aria Hace 12 horas
Aaaaaaaaah I love them
Aubreyanna Swearingen
Aubreyanna Swearingen Hace 12 horas
Next year???! Seriously???? 😭
dahba Hace 12 horas
GUYS! If you want to watch it freely, there really is an app!
Jordan’s Cooking Corner
Jordan’s Cooking Corner Hace 13 horas
That song at the end though was good
Fabiana Steinmeier
Fabiana Steinmeier Hace 13 horas
😱 Oh my god aden HEEEEEEEELP
xoxo, Gossip Goat
xoxo, Gossip Goat Hace 13 horas
Whennnn in 2021 though!!
Pritika Hace 13 horas
but the people need a full version of call me maybe please
Ahmad Sajid
Ahmad Sajid Hace 13 horas
Best show, we need endless seasons!!!
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi Hace 13 horas
Someone said the guy in this reminds them of me. I’m currently flattered.
João Pedro Martins Zafani
João Pedro Martins Zafani Hace 14 horas
ok THE WAY george looks at michael bye
Teddy Hive
Teddy Hive Hace 14 horas
SoothingSarahASMR Hace 14 horas
I want a season 2!!!!!!!
DukeOfChirk Hace 15 horas
So long as the number of people like this in America is below 49%, you’ll be fine. Besides, once they’re through spreading the virus amongst themselves and injecting detergent, there’ll be quite a few less of them.
YeeThe Yeet
YeeThe Yeet Hace 15 horas
Well hi BillyBob
Bobbie Mcclung
Bobbie Mcclung Hace 15 horas
I can not wait!!! June is my hero!
April B.
April B. Hace 15 horas
This was definitely not a real trailer, just a recap of what happened in past seasons....
Prof: Lívia
Prof: Lívia Hace 15 horas
Vamos ter que esperará até 2021!!!! 😔
ilish Hace 16 horas
THE best show ever about romance and the cinematography was so beautiful /transparent you could feel their emotion through the screen.
TruckerMurph Hace 16 horas
Trump supporters are really bottom feeders
Ella Hace 16 horas
Russian doll?
Kristóf Farkas
Kristóf Farkas Hace 16 horas
Hm, maybe finally some positive men characters??? In this serie. O.... M... G... 😱
Dave Ramirez
Dave Ramirez Hace 16 horas
We will forget about COVID 19 for a little while .... We will forget about COVID 19 for a little while .... We will forget about COVID 19 for a little while .... We will forget about COVID 19 for a little while .... We will forget about COVID 19 for a little while
the gingerbread man
the gingerbread man Hace 17 horas
I think they’re gonna make us hate nick this season
Lord DIO
Lord DIO Hace 18 horas
Who else agrees that all these comments seem botted or fake
Eater of Broken Meats
Eater of Broken Meats Hace 18 horas
He is now being comforted with pizza. HAHAHA.
Shymaa sho sho
Shymaa sho sho Hace 19 horas
Omg omg what can i say people do shame stuffs because of money
Loic Tobler
Loic Tobler Hace 19 horas
Very Good Short film
osp80 Hace 19 horas
god, it's got andy samberg in it...
Just Jamie
Just Jamie Hace 21 un hora
Okay so where can a I get a Simon at? My sexuality is begging for him
Michael Bruneau
Michael Bruneau Hace 21 un hora
Blessed Be The Squad!
Bella Babat
Bella Babat Hace 22 horas
Season 2 PLEASE😭
Yel Kempis
Yel Kempis Hace 22 horas
You know, I WAS TRYING SO FRRRREAAAAKING HARD!!!!! To remember where I have seen George before. But then I realized, I haven't seen him before? HE LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE OUR LOCAL ACTOR, JAMES REID 😂😂😂😂
TOP 10
TOP 10 Hace 22 horas
This video kills me💘I freakin love vicji ♥️♥️♥️
ravian ravladi
ravian ravladi Hace 22 horas
Straight people : well it’s just a milk isn’t it? Me watching this : 👁👄👁
Samantha Jimenez
Samantha Jimenez Hace 22 horas
This is too real in 2020
Alexis Powell
Alexis Powell Hace 23 horas
george is benji with a british accent, i love it here
Banzaifly Hace 23 horas
Armianka Vizcarra
Armianka Vizcarra Hace 23 horas
I will take this as some kind of Tony and Cassie but from another century yeah that’s it
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace 23 horas
Executive summary: Em, em, eh...
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez Hace 23 horas
Fnaf movie leaked footage
amanda tapang
amanda tapang Hace un día
One of my favorite shows! Binge watching now, and it makes me laugh every time! The entire cast still looks great!
Cameron Schwoegler
Cameron Schwoegler Hace un día
judy mia
judy mia Hace un día
The guy at 1:44 min , look so much alike of James Reid , a phillipine actor
Yael Elí
Yael Elí Hace un día
I can't with 0:53 the cutest moment I ever saw Love them and I wait for season 2 😍😍😍
Brenda Alvarez
Brenda Alvarez Hace un día
UberLummox Hace un día
"He's not a racist [as much as] he's a me-ist". Bingo. Exactly what I've been thinking.
Revan Reveles
Revan Reveles Hace un día
This show sucks, but the photography isn’t bad at all.
ShoniKungPapa AndPeashooter
ShoniKungPapa AndPeashooter Hace un día
the bite of 2020
Ashley Prater
Ashley Prater Hace un día
Whew chile....after 2020 this series is hitting different
1aundulxaldin Hace un día
Cheryl was scared shitless by talking Ostriches (granted, she was tripping Bear balls at the time) but the real mammalian menacing monster to push her panic button is this tiny dog.
Almond Trees
Almond Trees Hace un día
and when is Season 2 coming out of the closet?
Playing the Field Productions Tina Thompson
Playing the Field Productions Tina Thompson Hace un día
By the way, best looking reunion cast. They all look fabuloso!